GUIDE: How to switch from an individual pass to a team pass

Switching from an individual pass to a team pass can be done quite simply within your account. Doing a “switch” instead of starting a new subscription means you won’t accidentally be left with two simultaneous active subscriptions, and you can transfer the remaining credit of your individual plan toward the team plan.

How to decide what vocal course to do next as a worship team

GUIDE: Working through content as a team

Have a team subscription? Or thinking about getting one? With all the resources available on The Worship Vocalist, there are so many great ways your vocalists can take advantage of it as a team! Check out the ideas below!

GUIDE: How to use the Team Dashboard

Easily manage and invite your team members right from your Team Dashboard. When you purchase a team subscription, you can get your team started right away by setting up your team and inviting your members via your Team Dashboard. Email them an invitation by filling in their email addresses, or share a special signup link with your team. Each person sets up their own username and password (and you can even designate certain team members to have access to your team dashboard to help invite/manage the team). You’ll be able to add or remove team members anytime from your dashboard.

Discover Your Voice starting point course for worship teams

GUIDE: How to use “Discover Your Voice” as a team

Use the “Discover Your Voice” course as a first step for new vocalists to your team, or as a requirement to complete as part of the audition process. This course is a great foundational starting point for beginners or more experienced singers—it will give everybody some common language to use in talking about the voice. In the span of 7 lessons, they learn the basics on how to strengthen the voice, increase their range, improve their tone, and get rid of vocal tension… including some downloadable workouts they can put on their phone or in their car!