learn how to protect and keep your voice healthy

Taking Care of Your Voice

You only have ONE voice, so you’ve gotta look after it! In this course, you’ll learn the top 7 tips for taking care of your voice—how to warm up your voice effectively, how to protect it from injury, and lots of practical strategies that will keep your voice in top shape and help you reach your full potential! I also share my favourite, tried-and-true natural remedies for getting rid of sickness!

vocal health video for worship vocalists

01 Introduction

In this introductory lesson, we’ll talk about why we need to start thinking about our voice as an instrument; what vocal injuries are and what causes them; and the importance of taking care of the ONE voice that we have been given by God!

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02 Vocal Warmups

In this lesson, we’ll learn the what, why, and how of vocal warmups! We’ll talk about why warming up the voice is imperative; how to warm up the voice on a Sunday morning; the importance of a slow warmup for vocal stamina and longevity; the importance of stretching out the entire range; and I’ll show you exactly what to do to achieve the best results in your voice! This lesson also includes a full Sunday morning warmup for you to download and use when you’re worship leading!

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03 Hydration

In this lesson, we’ll talk all things hydration: why it’s important to keep your body hydrated for optimal singing; what happens when the voice gets dehydrated; when and what to drink; and irritants to avoid in order to stay hydrated.

vocal health video about how important rest is for singers

04 Vocal Rest

In this lesson, we’ll talk about one of the most overlooked things when it comes to taking care of the voice—vocal rest! We’ll learn about how the singing and speaking voice are one and the same; why vocal rest is imperative for singers; practical strategies for vocal rest; and when it’s ok (and not ok) to sing through sickness.

vocal health video about how important diet and digestion are for singers

05 Digestion

In this lesson, we’ll talk about the impact that digestion has on the singing voice. You’ll learn about acid reflux and how it affects the voice; as well as practical strategies of what and when to eat for optimum performance in your singing.

vocal health video about how damaging stress can be for singers

06 De-Stress

In this lesson, we’ll talk about how chronic stress affects your singing voice and how to limit stress in your life!

vocal health video about how important vocal exercises are for singers

07 Vocal Exercise

In this lesson, we’ll talk about vocal exercise—why building a proper foundation is an integral part of your vocal care regimen; what muscle memory is and how we can re-train bad vocal habits; and why diligence and hard work matter when it comes to your voice! Make sure you check out the vocal workouts in the Discover Your Voice course to dive deeper into this topic!

vocal health video about the best natural remedies for singing when you're sick

08 Natural Remedies

In this lesson, we’ll talk about what to do to maintain optimum vocal health, and what to do to fight off colds and sickness. I’ll share my tried and true natural health remedies that I use every day!