GUIDE: Working through content as a team

Have a team subscription? Or thinking about getting one? With all the resources available on The Worship Vocalist, there are so many great ways your vocalists can take advantage of the training as a team! Check out the ideas below!

Of course, everyone is totally welcome to watch anything they want on the site at any time (song tutorials, tips, etc.) and participate in small group classes, live FB webinars, etc… but it’s best not to overwhelm them with “requiring” too much material to be digested at once (ex. “we’re all gonna go through these 87 lessons this fall”). Give them a smaller goal (ex. “work through the DYV course this fall” or “watch this lesson” or “make sure you warm up your voice on Sunday mornings”)… some people will really dive in, others will hang back (that’s normal!)… but if you keep presenting ideas and encouragement for how they can engage, many will move from the sidelines and try things out!

Start with “Discover Your Voice”

First of all, start people out with the “Discover Your Voice” course. That’s the best way to build a solid foundation of vocal technique and terminology that’s used throughout the rest of the site. Check out this guide for ideas on how to use “Discover Your Voice” as a team.

Entry level course for worship singers to learn how to sing and how the voice works

Discover Your Voice

  • 6 video lessons (2 hour 50 minutes)
  • 5 audio workouts
  • 129-page workbook
  • Recommended timeline: 6 or 12 weeks

Go through a course together

After “Discover Your Voice”, decide on what’s next… you could either go through another course together (we suggest a timeframe of 1 lesson weekly or bi-weekly), or give them the option of choosing the next course they go through.

If you’re going through a course together, we recommend that you host a kick-off night to watch the introduction and/or first lesson together, then assign the remaining lessons as individual homework. Some teams start a private Facebook group so they can track progress and discuss with each other along the way! Whatever way you do it—we’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask us questions anytime about how this content can best serve your team—and make sure to encourage people to post questions on the site so Charmaine can answer individual questions!

harmony essentials course for worship singers

Harmony Essentials for Worship

  • 11 video lessons (3 hours 17 minutes)
  • 7 audio workouts
  • 135-page workbook
  • Recommended timeline: 11 or 22 weeks
  • A great resource for establishing a fundamental understanding of how to find and use harmonies effectively on a team.
learn how to protect and keep your voice healthy

Taking Care of Your Voice

  • 8 video lessons (52 minutes)
  • 1 audio workout
  • 48-page workbook
  • Recommended timeline: 1 to 4 weeks
  • These are more like short vocal “tips” rather than full-on lessons with workouts/application, but still very important for singers to master. Perfect for new singers, or as a tune-up for regular singers who struggle with vocal fatigue or inconsistency.

Master Your Voice – Part 1

  • 8 video lessons (4 hours 47 minutes)
  • 6 audio workouts
  • 149-page workbook
  • Recommended timeline: 8 or 16 weeks
  • “Master Your Voice” is a much more comprehensive, in-depth next step after “Discover Your Voice”… perfect for singers who are well on their way with the fundamentals and want to better understand style and vocal subtlety. Part 1 explores the foundations of resonance, breathing, practice strategies, and expanding the range.

Master Your Voice – Part 2

  • 12 video lessons (9 hours 44 minutes)
  • 11 audio workouts
  • 272-page workbook
  • Recommended timeline: 12 or 24 weeks
  • Continuing the “Master Your Voice” journey, this next set of lessons helps singers discover their own individual identity and sound… exploring things like tone, texture, dynamics, and how to find their unique “sweet spot”!

Master Your Voice – Part 3

  • 10 video lessons (7 hours 25 minutes)
  • 6 audio workouts
  • 265-page workbook
  • Recommended timeline: 10 or 20 weeks
  • For singers who’ve spent adequate time going through the first two parts of “Master Your Voice”, this final set of lessons applies all that they’ve learned into more advanced techniques like vibrato, ad libs, embellishments, phrasing, and the subtle nuances that make our songs sound great!

Watch THIS lesson!

Learn the role of background vocalist, supporting vocalist, harmony singer on worship team - Worship Team Training Video

If you get your vocalists to watch ONE lesson… it’s this one! The “Role of a Background Vocalist” (36 minutes) is a lesson from my “Harmony Essentials for Worship” course, but the information is so valuable that I created another version of the video that’s perfect for vocalists who aren’t taking the course! In this lesson, vocalists will learn practical strategies on how to assist and support the worship leader, the overall sound, and the worship experience you’re creating as a team. And even more than that… help them understand that their role goes so much further than just the sound! It’s about our whole presence—our appearance and body language on stage—and the heart and attitude that we bring to the team! You can print out the accompanying workbook here.

Watch a vocal workout at a rehearsal

There are many workouts you could use in a “one-off” manner, usually about 30-60 minutes long. These work well for a team night or training night where you have a bit of extra time to gather the vocalists together… they include a vocal warmup and workout, and usually also some teaching or encouragement about the voice. These are some great workouts to start with:


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