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Intervals & Chords: The Building Blocks of Harmony

Have you always wanted to sing harmony, but it’s seemed too difficult to grasp? Can you sometimes find a harmony part in a worship song… other times you feel completely lost? Do you already know how to sing harmony, but you want to know how to coach others to hear and sing harmony? Well… you’re in the right place! 

To sing harmony well, it’s essential to build a solid foundation of harmony skills, and it all starts here… with what’s in this lesson!

What you’ll learn:

  • The basic building blocks of harmony: intervals and chords
  • The difference between ascending and descending intervals, and why we need to learn both for worship harmony
  • The difference between major and minor chords
  • How to recognize and sing the most common harmonic intervals used in worship songs
  • Why understanding the relationship between notes will train your ear to find and sing harmony in any song!

Plus… you’ll get access to the accompanying downloadable ear training workouts—complete with explanations, demonstrations and piano scales for both the male and female range!

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Meet the vocal coach

Charmaine Brown is passionate about coaching and helping worship vocalists experience freedom, power and confidence in their singing voices. Whether working with complete beginners or seasoned worship leaders, her practical, hands-on approach to vocal coaching has helped thousands of students experience dramatic results!

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Charmaine Brown

Vocal Coach / Worship Leader

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