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How to Nail the High Notes in Your Worship Songs

Worship songs that have a lot of high notes are inspiring, but challenging too—especially if you can only sing comfortably in your lower range! But don’t put yourself in a box and settle for a small range just because you don’t have the skills YET—I want to teach you proven techniques and strategies so that you can grow your range dramatically and nail your high notes every time!

What you’ll learn:

  • why you don’t need talent to hit high notes
  • tips for making every high note feel easier
  • the most important exercises for your voice
  • how to protect your voice from strain & damage
  • how to not sound weak when you sing high
  • tips for growing your range from small to huge
  • how to deliver songs with passion & confidence
  • how to sing in a powerful, contemporary-sounding tone

Plus… a downloadable PDF workbook—complete with diagrams, explanations and tips for all the concepts in the video lesson!

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Meet the vocal coach

Charmaine Brown is passionate about coaching and helping worship vocalists experience freedom, power and confidence in their singing voices. Whether working with complete beginners or seasoned worship leaders, her practical, hands-on approach to vocal coaching has helped thousands of students experience dramatic results!

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Charmaine Brown

Vocal Coach / Worship Leader

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