Meet Charmaine

Passionate. Purposeful. Discerning.

Charmaine Brown is passionate about helping worship vocalists experience freedom, power and confidence in their singing voices. Whether working with complete beginners or seasoned worship leaders, her practical, hands-on approach to vocal coaching has helped thousands of students see dramatic results!

A worship leader herself, Charmaine has encountered it all. Lack of confidence. Vocal strain from pushing too hard. Early morning sound checks where the voice doesn’t cooperate. Untimely voice cracks into a microphone. Singing through colds and allergies. Vocal fatigue. Unreachable high notes. Navigating worship band dynamics.

After years of frustration with her voice, she finally found breakthrough with the world-renowned Singing Success method by Nashville’s Brett Manning. In 2011, Charmaine was invited into Brett’s exclusive vocal coaching mentorship program, where she became a certified Singing Success Associate vocal coach.

After several years of extensive travel—worship leading and teaching vocal workshops to worship teams, Charmaine and her husband Jason kept hearing the same thing… “I love the vocal exercises I heard you teach in-person, but how do I do it on my own at home?” They saw a need for an online vocal coaching program that would be practical, effective and affordable for worship team singers around the world to engage in learning and mastering their vocal skill… and Worship Vocalist was born!

Charmaine and Jason, along with their daughter Haven and son Kairos, currently reside in Calgary, Canada—where they enjoy engaging with the online Worship Vocalist community, creating new vocal training content, and spending time in the Rocky Mountains!

Charmaine’s desire is to help worship vocalists take command of their voice and their confidence, so that they can more effectively lead their congregations into life-changing encounters with Jesus… and her vocal programs speak for themselves—thousands of subscribers have experienced incredible, next-level results in their singing and worship leading!

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