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Take your voice to the next level with expert vocal coaching! Private vocal lessons take place via Zoom with a Worship Vocalist Certified Coach. In each session, you’ll go through a personalized vocal warmup and workout, touching on specific vocal techniques you’re having trouble with, as well as work on a worship song of your choice.

Cherie Schellenberg

Cherie brings her mother’s heart and intuition to each and every lesson. She invests herself in every student she teaches—and thrives on helping singers overcome obstacles and experience transformation in their voice!

$40 per 25-minute lesson

Justin McCartney

Justin brings many years of coaching and pastoring experience to the table. His passion for people and for all things music and worship fuels his teaching style—which gets results in his students’ voices… every time! 

$40 per 25-minute lesson

Dustin Keele

Dustin is a seasoned worship pastor, songwriter and artist. He has experienced for himself the transformational power of vocal training, and he loves calling singers to a higher level and giving them the tools to get there!

$40 per 25-minute lesson

Got more questions? Not sure about private lessons? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions, or start with a personalized analysis of your voice or a subscription to our on-demand library of video and audio voice lessons.

Check out these vocal transformations that happened in private lessons...

BEFORE & AFTER // Singer finds her mix voice for the first time
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About Cherie

Compassionate. Creative. Visionary.

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Cherie and her husband Garry live in Winnipeg, Canada. They have 3 grown children, one son-in-love and 2 precious grandchildren.

Cherie is a seasoned worship leader, music teacher and Bible teacher whose greatest passion is to make Jesus known and adored. Out of this passion has come a desire to raise up and equip a generation of singers and worship leaders—both young and old—to confidently sing of His great worth. It is her great delight to help singers find the voice that God has uniquely gifted to them!

Although Cherie had led worship for many years, she became increasingly discouraged and even ashamed when she listened to recordings of her live worship services—she knew that her voice did not match what the Lord had branded upon her heart! Some of her notes were off pitch, her vibrato was excessive, and the lower notes of her songs lacked power. Although she practised hard on her own to try to fix the problems, she saw little to no improvement.

Hope began to rise when Cherie was introduced to Charmaine Brown’s Worship Vocalist vocal courses. Over time and with diligent work, a new understanding and mindset began to emerge… the old habits began to be replaced by a new sound, fresh confidence, and a whole new level of freedom in her worship leading!

With new courage and vision, Cherie went on to become a student in the Worship Vocalist Certified Coach Training Program. She was honoured to graduate as the first Worship Vocalist Certified Coach in March 2022, and it is now her privilege to share that same hope and treasury of skills that have been given to her.

See her in action in this “Great Things” song tutorial and this vocal workout.

When she’s not coaching, Cherie enjoys hospitality, laughter, personal connection with others, a great cup of coffee and prayer journaling.

“My vocal lesson with Cherie was cheerful, fun and practical – equipping and inspiring me to keep working on my voice!”
“Cherie’s classes are full of life and joy and it brings out the best in all her students. It is a 10 out of 10 for me.”
“Cherie was able to quickly assess my voice, identify challenge areas, and offered tangible exercises and techniques to help me achieve my vocal growth.”

Rate: $40 per 25-minute lesson

About Justin

Approachable. Attentive. Expressive.

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Justin and his wife Heidi live in Little Rock, Arkansas and they have four children—Ashton, Reagan, Lillie, and Ella.

Justin’s heartbeat is to equip worship vocalists to be the best version of themselves that God has created them to be. He has been a worship pastor for over 20 years, and has served in a variety of denominational and non-denominational churches across the United States. Each church experience has stretched him as a leader, as well as in his worship music style. In addition to the church context, he has also coached singers of all ages in the local theatre community for the past 10 years.

Throughout his journey, Justin found himself trying to reconcile his vocal style with the demands of the contemporary worship sound. He felt discouraged because his voice wasn’t doing what he wanted it to do, and he was often vocally tired after rehearsals and weekend services.

Then in 2019, Justin stumbled upon Worship Vocalist, and began to learn and apply the techniques taught by Charmaine Brown. He saw great results in his own voice, and as his confidence began to build, he started coaching his vocal students and worship team vocalists with the same techniques he was learning—and they, too, began to achieve great results!

When the Worship Vocalist Certified Coach Training Program launched, Justin grabbed ahold of the opportunity to grow in his knowledge and resources. He became a Worship Vocalist Certified Coach in June 2022, and was then invited by Charmaine to join the coaching team!

Justin loves working with singers from all over the world, helping to equip them to grow in their skills and abilities. See him in action in this “We Praise You” song tutorial and this “Son of Suffering” song tutorial.

When he’s not coaching and mentoring others, Justin enjoys coffee and conversation, family time, watching HGTV and Food Network, and having game nights.

“Justin’s inviting and encouraging attitude makes it so easy to be authentic and explore your voice in a safe environment. He has been such an encouragement to me both in vocal training and life in general. His love for Jesus and desire to ‘Make a joyful noise’ are contagious!”
“I enthusiastically recommend Justin as my outstanding vocal coach and mentor. In every training session, I am developing my voice with increased range, resonance and tone—giving me the confidence to grow and pursue excellence.”
“I didn’t think I would ever find my mix voice but Justin would not let me give up. I now sound better on high and low notes. I also sing with much less effort now so I can do it for hours and hours on end without any strain. It has truly been a life-changing experience!”

Rate: $40 per 25-minute lesson

About Dustin

Encouraging. Energetic. Intuitive.

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Dustin and his wife Allie live in Marion, Illinois with their three children—Owen, Avery and Katie. 

From the time that he was 4 or 5 years old, Dustin has been singing in the church. His parents were very involved in ministry, so much of his childhood centered around church services and activities. 

As a young vocalist, Dustin was a prolific contest winner and a local standout, but as he grew, he started to hit a wall in his singing—and though he was getting a bit of training in the choirs he was in, the style of singing wasn’t what he really wanted to learn, and the technique wasn’t able to help him sing the contemporary music that he truly enjoyed.

In college, Dustin began seeking out professional singing coaches to help him learn contemporary vocal techniques and skills. He wound up finding a coach in Nashville, Tennessee—driving 3 hours to every lesson and shelling out major money.  

It was also around this time that Dustin was a Hollywood contestant on seasons 11 and 14 of American Idol, where he was forced to confront the limitations of his vocal technique. The judges asked him for songs with more range and bigger notes—and unfortunately, he didn’t have the skills to deliver what they were asking for. What was even more frustrating was that more than a year’s worth of regular lessons with the high-priced coaches in Music City weren’t really getting him anywhere! 

A few years later, Dustin heard about Worship Vocalist from a worship team member at the church where he was serving, and was blown away when the techniques started to improve his voice almost immediately. He had always struggled with pushing up on his chest voice, going flat, having limited high range and constant vocal fatigue—and all of a sudden, his tone, pitch, range and vocal endurance were improving! 

His own experience with vocal training was so exciting and transformative that he decided to enroll in Charmaine Brown’s coach training program, where he studied diligently and became accredited as a Worship Vocalist Certified Coach in June 2022. He was then hand-picked by Charmaine to be on the coaching team at Worship Vocalist. 

Dustin is a worship pastor at his local church and is passionate about helping not only his team members, but also vocalists from all over the world transform their voices through the power of strategic vocal training. See him in action in this “A Thousand Hallelujahs” song tutorial and this vocal workout.

When he’s not working with worship musicians, Dustin loves riding and training his ex-racehorses and enjoying family time with the goofiest wife and kids you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet!

“Dustin is a passionate, enthusiastic and authentic vocal coach! With his help, I have not only experienced tremendous growth in my vocal ability, but also developed a better ear to determine areas where I need more training. I’m so grateful for what I’ve experienced so far and can’t wait to see how the growth continues.”
“Dustin’s care for people and their voices shines through in each lesson he coaches. I’ve found power, control, and freedom in my voice since working with him, and I always leave our lessons feeling encouraged!”
“Working with Dustin has done wonders for my voice! As a head-dominant singer, I lacked power and a contemporary tone—and Dustin helped me unlock a powerful mix for the first time! He helped me get out of my head so I can focus on worshipping our amazing God! I’m so thankful for Dustin and his training.”

Rate: $40 per 25-minute lesson

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you purchase your lesson, you’ll receive a lesson-specific Zoom link. You’ll click that link at the time of your lesson and voila—you’ll be connected with an amazing coach who is ready and eager to help you with all your vocal struggles! Although in-person lessons are awesome, it’s not necessary to be in the same room to have a great lesson! As long as you have decent internet speed and a device to take your lesson with, your coach will easily be able to diagnose your voice and take you through a personalized workout that will take your voice to the next level!

Great question! Although it’s totally possible to improve your voice by training solely on your own (especially with Worship Vocalist courses!), getting one-on-one coaching will exponentially speed up your progress as you pursue greater vocal skill! It can be challenging to know if your vocal technique is truly correct… singing is very subjective, and we hear our own voice differently than others do—so it’s helpful to get an honest, professional opinion on your singing and be given personalized strategies to help you get to the next level! All of the Worship Vocalist coaches have done both “do-it-yourself” vocal training AND taken private lessons with coaches, and they are all believers in the power of BOTH those things in tandem to bring about the best results in singers’ voices!

In each session, you’ll go through a personalized vocal warmup and workout with a Worship Vocalist Certified Coach, touching on specific vocal techniques you’re having trouble with, as well as work on a worship song of your choice.

Whichever one you want! Read the coach bios, watch the intro videos and see who you resonate with—we believe the Lord will highlight someone to you! But—just because you choose one coach to start with doesn’t mean you need to stick with them… you’re welcome to try out each coach to see who’s the best fit for you… or even take ongoing lessons with more than one coach. Every coach has a different personality and approach—BUT… every Worship Vocalist Certified Coach has been hand-picked by Charmaine Brown and we are confident that you will experience the same core things in every lesson… care, confidence, creativity, and of course… great vocal techniques that will take your voice to the next level!

No—Charmaine doesn’t offer private lessons, but she has trained and hand-picked coaches who are highly competent and skilled at coaching singers. We are confident that they can help get your voice to the next level!

As many as you want! Some singers just want to take a lesson every once in a while; others want to take regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lessons. You can even take multiple lessons in the same week if you are preparing for something specific and want extra help! 

Although we recommend purchasing a subscription to our on-demand library of video and audio lessons to enhance your vocal training (as the exercises that your coach will be using are Worship Vocalist techniques!), it is not a requirement in order to book lessons with a Worship Vocalist Certified Coach. 

We recommend waiting until your child is at least 10 years old to take online voice lessons.

No—your Worship Vocalist subscription does not include private lessons. Private lessons are purchased at extra cost if you want to get personalized vocal coaching.

No problem! Our lesson scheduling tool will show you what times are available in your time zone. If you can’t find any times that work for you with any of our coaches, please contact us at suppo[email protected] and we will do our best to get a lesson booked in for you!

We use Calendly for our lesson scheduling, and you will purchase the lesson at the time of booking, right on Calendly’s secure site. Payments are made via credit card and processed by Stripe—the same world-class payment processor we use for our online store.

If you need to make a change to a scheduled lesson, you’re able to reschedule easily via the links in your email confirmations, up to 24 hours before your lesson time.

The lesson confirmation emails you receive each contain a link to reschedule the lesson if needed—you will easily be able to see the coach’s available time in their calendar and choose a different time that works!

PLEASE NOTE: any lesson rescheduled within 24 hours of your lesson time will be forfeited. Thanks for your understanding!

We require 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson.  Any lesson cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours is forfeited and will not be refunded. Thanks for your understanding!

Pretty much all modern desktop / laptop computers, tablets and mobile devices can run Zoom (check their site for system requirements). You’ll need speakers or headphones, as well as a microphone (built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth) and a webcam (built-in, USB plug-in, etc.).

Online private voice lessons do require high-speed, reliable internet. Please check your internet speed at Generally, an upload speed of at least 10 MB/s and a download speed of at least 50 MB/s is best for online lessons (but the faster the better!).

Great question! You can get feedback from head vocal coach Charmaine Brown at any time by purchasing an Analyze My Voice (submit a video of yourself singing a worship song) or a course Checkpoint (submit a video of yourself singing Worship Vocalist exercises). But although written feedback is awesome—and it’s often enough to point you in the right direction—there’s nothing like one-on-one coaching to exponentially speed up your vocal progress!

Purchased vocal lessons are non-refundable and expire one year from purchase.

Not at this time—lessons are purchased directly through our scheduling tool Calendly, so even though we provide gift certificates in our online store, they don’t apply to lessons.

We’re here to help! Send us a question at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to troubleshoot whatever’s going on, lickety-split!