Singing Tips

Vocal coach Charmaine Brown shares tips and strategies to get the most out of your voice.

What Is My Voice Type? | Understanding Voice Types in Contemporary Worship

Chances are, you’ve probably come across terms like soprano, alto and tenor—whether you’ve had classical voice training, experience in a choir, if you sing on a worship team where these voice classification terms are used, and/or if you’ve used harmony tutorials or stems with the vocal parts labelled this way. 

Vocal Warmdown Routine for Worship Singers

In this lesson, Worship Vocalist coach Charmaine Brown takes you through a simple vocal warmdown routine that you can use after your worship service, worship practice or vocal workout. A good warmdown will prevent vocal fatigue and help your voice recover more quickly! 

How to Sing Low Notes

Do you ever find yourself struggling with the low notes in a song? Do you ever put a song in a lower key than the original recording (so that the high notes are manageable for your voice!), but then you end up bottoming out in the low parts? If so, you’re in good company! That’s most of us!

15-Minute Warmup for Worship Team Singers

Sing along as Worship Vocalist coach Charmaine Brown takes you through a set of vocal warmup exercises to get your voice ready to sing worship songs! This warmup will be especially useful if you’re warming up together as a group before a worship rehearsal or service because it covers both male & female ranges and warms up the resonators you will need for singing worship songs with power, ease and a contemporary-sounding tone!

What is Mix Voice?

Mix voice is one of the most complex vocal techniques for most singers to grasp (so if you feel confused about what it is—you’re in good company!), but hopefully after watching this video, you’ll understand it better!