Singing Tips

Vocal coach Charmaine Brown shares tips and strategies to get the most out of your voice.

How to Go from Loud to Soft Without Your Voice Breaking

In this lesson, Charmaine Brown talks about why the voice sometimes cracks when making a dynamic shift in a song (i.e. changing from loud to soft) and shares strategies for how to build more stability in your voice for these moments.

How to Shape Your Mouth for Greater Vocal Stability

Watch as Worship Vocalist Certified Coach Cherie Schellenberg shares practical vocal tips and takes you through a set of exercises to hone in on your mouth shape. When you sing with an efficient mouth shape, your voice will have greater stability, more control, increased range and more!

The Amazing Benefits of Straw Singing | Straw Phonation 101

If you struggle with fatigue, tension, instability, breathiness, weakness or lack of range in your voice, this vocal tip is for you! Singing through a straw (also called “straw phonation”) is an incredible vocal technique that helps your vocal muscles build efficient coordination and balance (which for you means more freedom, range, stamina and flexibility!), reduces vocal strain, helps your voice recover from fatigue or sickness, and so much more! In this short video, you’ll learn the why, how and when of singing through a straw so that you can start incorporating it into your vocal routine!

Get Rid of the Break in Your Voice!

Watch and sing along as vocal coach Charmaine Brown takes you through a set of exercises to smooth out the transition spot in your voice (that place where your voice breaks/flips from chest to head!). You’ll learn amazing tips and techniques that will help you build vocal strength, achieve a mix voice tone that doesn’t break or get weak as you go higher in your range, and you’ll also learn to apply each exercise to common worship song lyrics!

How to Build Strength and Stamina in Your Singing Voice!

If you ever experience weakness, fatigue, hoarseness, cracking or breaking in your voice as you lead worship, this video is for you! Watch as vocal coach Charmaine Brown shares essential strategies to help you build strength, stamina, endurance and power in your singing voice! When you build the right foundations in your vocal technique, you will have a stronger, more resilient voice that can adapt easily to whatever and whenever you need to sing!

What Is My Voice Type? | Understanding Voice Types in Contemporary Worship

Chances are, you’ve probably come across terms like soprano, alto and tenor—whether you’ve had classical voice training, experience in a choir, if you sing on a worship team where these voice classification terms are used, and/or if you’ve used harmony tutorials or stems with the vocal parts labelled this way. 

Vocal Warmdown Routine for Worship Singers

In this lesson, Worship Vocalist coach Charmaine Brown takes you through a simple vocal warmdown routine that you can use after your worship service, worship practice or vocal workout. A good warmdown will prevent vocal fatigue and help your voice recover more quickly!