Harmony Resources

Vocal coach Charmaine Brown shares practical tips and strategies for singing harmony on a worship team!

How to Make a Co-Lead Vocal Arrangement Sound Amazing

Get ready to dive into an important topic for every worship team—how to make a co-lead vocal arrangement sound amazing! In this video, you’ll learn how to identify different voice types and where they sound best in their range, the importance of arranging a song for your team vs mimicking the original recording, how to get the best sound you possibly can with the team you have, how to assign songs and harmony parts based on the strengths of your team members, and more…

Singing tip video - When to Sing Harmony on a Worship Team

When to Sing Harmony on a Worship Team

Do you sing on a worship team? Maybe you know HOW to sing harmony but wonder WHEN are the best times in the song to add harmony! Or maybe you struggle to know WHAT harmony part you should sing… Low or high?! When you have multiple vocalists on the team, how do you plan out when and what each vocalist will sing? I’m here to help answer these questions!

Learn the role of background vocalist, supporting vocalist, harmony singer on worship team - Worship Team Training Video

The Role of a Background Vocalist

Learn practical strategies on how to assist and support your worship leader, the overall sound, and the worship experience you’re creating as a team. And even more than that… understand that your role goes so much further than just the sound! It’s about our whole presence—our appearance and body language on stage—and the heart and attitude that we bring to the team!

How to Blend Your Voice with Other Singers

In this video, we’ll explore one of the most important things to master as a background vocalist—how to blend your voice with other singers! We’ll talk about why blend is immensely important on a worship team, and you’ll learn practical strategies for how to blend your vocal tone, volume, vibrato, and phrasing.