Singing tip video - When to Sing Harmony on a Worship Team

When to Sing Harmony on a Worship Team

Do you sing on a worship team? Maybe you know HOW to sing harmony but wonder WHEN are the best times in the song to add harmony! Or maybe you struggle to know WHAT harmony part you should sing… low or high?! When you have multiple vocalists on the team, how do you plan out when and what each vocalist will sing? I’m here to help answer these questions!

In this video, we’ll explore the concept of song mapping for worship—creating a plan for what and when each vocalist on the team will sing… to achieve the greatest dynamic journey in your songs and worship sets! We’ll explore different options for song maps in contemporary worship songs, and you’ll learn super practical tips and guidelines for how to do this yourself with any song!

To supplement this lesson, check out these videos I’ve created, where the same song is “mapped out” in multiple ways… multiple vocal arrangements… so you get an idea of some different ways you could map a song!

Check out these other essential harmony topics for worship vocalists: 

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