Learn the role of background vocalist, supporting vocalist, harmony singer on worship team - Worship Team Training Video

The Role of a Background Vocalist

As worship team vocalists, more important than knowing how to sing harmony is knowing WHEN to sing harmony—it’s so crucial that we understand our role as supporting vocalists on the team! In this video, you’ll learn practical strategies on how to assist and support your worship leader, the overall sound, and the worship experience you’re creating as a team!

If you’re a worship leader or worship pastor, communicating vision and direction to your background vocalists is so important—this training video will give you insight and language you can use to communicate effectively to your vocal team!

Make sure to download the accompanying workbook I’ve put together, which contains extra insights and self-assessment questions you can go through as an individual or as a vocal team!

Check out these other essential harmony topics for worship vocalists: 

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