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How to Get the Best In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Mix for Singing on a Worship Team

In-ear monitors… so many benefits, but so many challenges! Let’s break it down and get super practical about how we can achieve a better experience singing with in-ear monitors!

What you’ll learn:

  • The many benefits of using in-ear monitors
  • The many challenges of using IEM’s
  • Why it’s especially hard for singers to get used to wearing in-ear monitors
  • The things you’ll need in your mix every time
  • How to make your mix sound more natural and realistic
  • 7 tips to a better in-ear mix this weekend
Learn how to get the best IEM mix for singing on a worship team

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Do you sing with IEM's on your worship team?

Then you need to know these simple strategies! Not in “expert sound engineer” or “audio wizard” language… just simple, down-to-earth steps any singer can take to improve the experience of mixing their in-ear monitors!

Are you a worship leader or worship pastor?

Giving direction to your vocalists about stuff like this is so important! Check out this training video to gain insight and language you can use to communicate effectively to your vocal team, and then share the video with your vocalists!

Meet the instructor

Jason Brown co-founded The Worship Vocalist with his wife Charmaine out of a passion to provide high quality training and mentorship to worship leaders and worship team vocalists. A drummer and guitarist himself, Jason is the all-things-tech-and-production for the training content on the site… and occasionally hops in front of the camera to teach too!

Jason Brown

Jason Brown

Worship Vocalist Co-Founder

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