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How to Lead Worship Without Losing Your Voice

Do you ever feel pain in your throat after you sing? Do you end up with a hoarse, raspy voice after leading worship? Did you know that it’s totally possible for your voice to feel BETTER—not worse—after you sing?

In this training, you’ll learn top strategies from vocal coach Charmaine Brown for how to lead worship without losing your voice!

Whether vocal fatigue and hoarseness is a constant obstacle for you, or you just want to make sure that your voice won’t deteriorate as you get older—this training is for you!

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Meet the vocal coach

Charmaine Brown is passionate about coaching and helping worship vocalists experience freedom, power and confidence in their singing voices. Whether working with complete beginners or seasoned worship leaders, her practical, hands-on approach to vocal coaching has helped thousands of students experience dramatic results!

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Charmaine Brown

Vocal Coach / Worship Leader

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