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The Role of a Background Vocalist

As worship team vocalists, just as important as knowing how to sing harmony is knowing when to sing harmony. It’s crucial that you know how you can best support your worship leader, the overall sound, and the worship experience you’re creating as a team—and even more than that… come to understand that your role goes so much further than just the sound! It’s about our whole presence—our appearance and body language on stage—and the heart and attitude that we bring to the team!

What you’ll learn:

  • What is a background vocalist, exactly?
  • Why God cares about what what we sound like
  • The importance of planning and preparation (and some practical tips for improving in those areas!)
  • The job description of a background vocalist
  • What harmony parts to sing and when to sing them
  • How to create a dynamic journey with our voices
  • Why stage presence is important
  • The heart of a worship vocalist
Free 13-page workbook and training video for background worship vocalists to understand their role

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Are you a background vocalist on your worship team?

Your role is so valuable! Singing harmony is an amazing skill to have… but as worship team vocalists, just as important as knowing how to sing harmony is knowing when to sing harmony. It’s so crucial that we understand our role as supporting vocalists on the team!

Are you a worship leader or worship pastor?

Communicating vision and direction to your background vocalists is so important! Check out this training video to gain insight and language you can use to communicate effectively to your vocal team, and then share the video with your vocalists!

Meet the vocal coach

Charmaine Brown is passionate about coaching and helping worship vocalists experience freedom, power and confidence in their singing voices. Whether working with complete beginners or seasoned worship leaders, her practical, hands-on approach to vocal coaching has helped thousands of students experience dramatic results!

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Charmaine Brown

Vocal Coach / Worship Leader

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