Master Your Voice Part 3

Part 3: Exploring Vocal Style

This final set of lessons in the “Master Your Voice” series applies all that you’ve learned into more advanced techniques like vibrato, ad libs, embellishments, phrasing, and the subtle nuances that make our songs sound great!

Through instruction, vocal exercises and song application, you’ll learn how to directly apply these concepts to your role as a vocalist on your worship team, how to choose the right “fit” for each moment in worship, and how to discover your unique, God-given voice.

  • Over 7 hours of comprehensive video lessons with instructions and examples.
  • Practice along with 6 audio workouts designed to strengthen your voice and develop your vocal style.
  • Take notes in the 265-page printable workbook… it has lots of diagrams, notes and spots for you to add your own takeaways.
  • Ask your questions in the comments section beneath each lesson and get answers from a coach!
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