15-Minute Warmup for Worship Team Singers

Sing along as Worship Vocalist coach Charmaine Brown takes you through a set of vocal warmup exercises to get your voice ready to sing worship songs! 

This warmup will be especially useful if you’re warming up together as a group before a worship rehearsal or service because it covers both male & female ranges and warms up the resonators you will need for singing worship songs with power, ease and a contemporary-sounding tone! (PS – if you haven’t started doing group warmups together yet, now is a great time to start!)

Or if you’re on your own and want a quick warmup to use before your personal practice time or to warm up your voice before an evening service—this will work well!

It’s short and sweet (15 minutes!), which may make it tempting to use as your Sunday morning pre-worship-leading warmup… but don’t! In the early morning, your voice needs a longer, slower warmup in order to function most efficiently, so make sure to use the Worship Vocalist Sunday Morning Warmup instead!

Make sure to share this with all your singer friends to get them warming up their voices!

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