Flexibility Workout (Female Range)

This vocal workout is all about building flexibility and agility in your voice! Watch and sing along with vocal coach Charmaine Brown as she takes you through several new exercises that will increase your vocal freedom and make sure your mix voice foundations are solid—and then you’ll have some fun applying the techniques to “Way Maker”! 

Whether you’re a beginner to vocal training or you’ve been at it awhile, these exercises will be a great supplement to whichever course you’re working through—or, if you’re not currently going through a course, you can use it as your go-to warmup/workout this week as you prepare to sing on the weekend!

As always, make sure to stay in a comfortable range for your voice—when it starts to feel too low or high for your voice, just sit out for a few scales and then hop back in!

Not a female? Watch the Male Range workout here.

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