Resonance & Range Workout

Sing along with Worship Vocalist coach Charmaine Brown as she leads you through a set of vocal warmups and exercises specifically designed for contemporary worship team singers. These amazing vocal exercises are designed to improve your tone, build strength, increase range and release tension in your voice—so that you can sing on your worship team with confidence and freedom!

This workout was recorded live with Worship Vocalist members. Make sure to check out the other vocal workouts and courses on and sign up for a subscription to join the community!

Some tips as you’re going through the workout:

  • Make sure to drink lots of water before and after.
  • Listen carefully to the demonstrations and mimic the sound qualities as best you can. 
  • Be patient with your voice and don’t expect perfection (it’s totally normal to experience your voice breaking and cracking at first!)—give yourself lots of grace as you’re finding these vocal coordinations!
  • Only sing in a range that’s comfortable for you. Feel free to sit out for a few scales if it feels too high or too low for your voice. 
  • If you feel excessive strain or notice a raspy sound as you do an exercise, skip it and move onto the next exercise.
  • Be intentional and focused as you do the exercises—keep your body and mind energized and believe that you CAN and WILL see improvement in your voice as you are diligent to train it with these strategic exercises! 
  • After the workout, take a 10-15 minute break before singing songs to allow the voice to recover. 

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