Tension-Busting Workout - Male Range

Tension-Busting Workout (Male Range)

This workout is all about getting rid of the tension that’s holding your voice back from doing what you want it to! Watch and sing along with vocal coach Charmaine Brown as she takes you through a set of warmup stretches to release tension in your jaw, tongue and neck muscles (all major culprits for tension!) and shares new exercises that will help bring amazing freedom to your voice. Then, have some fun at the end applying those exercises to “Graves into Gardens”! 

Whether you’re a beginner to vocal training or you’ve been at it awhile, these exercises are a great supplement to whichever course you’re working through. And as always, make sure to stay in a comfortable range for your voice—when it starts to feel too low or high for your voice, just sit out for a few scales and then hop back in!

Not a male? Watch the Female Range workout here.

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