Classical vs Contemporary Style

I’ve met so many worship vocalists who want so badly to sing on their worship team, but they don’t make it past the audition… or they would love the opportunity to lead a song… but they are always put on backup vocals. Or, they’re just not sure why their voice doesn’t “fit” with the other singers on their worship team.

Or, maybe you’re a worship pastor and you have vocalists on your team whose voices—although perhaps they sound lovely—don’t blend well with the other vocalists on stage.

Maybe you’ve just always wondered… what’s the deal with “classical” and “contemporary”—what does that mean and how are they different?!

If you can relate with any of the above, this lesson is for you! We’ll learn about the differences in tone, phrasing, vibrato, and more… and why it’s so important to be aware of these things and make adjustments to your vocal sound so that it fits well in the context you sing in!

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