Learn the best ways to practice and get the most out of your voice as a worship vocalist

Top 10 Practice Strategies for Singers

In this training video, you’ll learn my top 10 strategies to make the absolute most of your practice time—I’ll teach you the RIGHT THINGS to practice in order to see the best results in your voice!

Whether you’re a worship leader or background vocalist on your worship team—these tips are for you! Most of us live full, busy lives, and we don’t have time for hours and hours of practicing our singing… so it’s all the more crucial that we use the time we DO have… to the fullest! I want to save you SO much wasted time and effort—these practice strategies will double, triple… quadruple your efforts, and fast-track you to way more success in your singing… I’m confident of that!

If you’ve been through Part 1 of “Master Your Voice”, you’ll already be familiar with this content, but I wanted to make sure you could benefit from these strategies if you haven’t been through that course yet!

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